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2008 - Joined the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Santa Catarina State University.


2012 - After university, she took a course at Scuola Mohole in Milan (Italy), where she studied illustration and comic drawing. Including extra calligraphy, script creation, and polymer clay modeling courses.


2017 - Worked with the English school “Secret Garden” in Florianópolis (Brazil), where she created a mural.


2020 - Participated in the Luxemburg Art Prize.


2021 - Participated in Bela Bienal in Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, and Brasilia (Brazil) and in an exhibition at Cittá Office Mall in Rio de Janeiro.


2022 - Participated in exhibitions at “Ava Art Festival” in Osaka (Japan) and “Paris Art Shopping Expo,” in Paris.

2022 - Appeared in "AVA Magazine - Contemporary Art ", in the October issue.

2023 - Will participate in the Bela Bienal Finland expo, including Pieksämäki and Helsinki.

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